Organic Growing With Worms

A Handbook for a Better Environment
By David Murphy
Review by Larry J. Shier 

In this book Mr. Murphy examines correlations in timelines of global climate change, unsustainable farming practices and decreasing soil fertility. He goes on to make a strong case for using worms and increased organic matter in the soil to revitalise fertility, lower methane emissions from landfills and dump sites and sequester carbon dioxide back to the soil. 

Mr. Murphy examines ways to attract native worms to your garden or fields and how to transplant them from worm rich areas to other areas that may be deficient thus increasing yields and providing drought resistance. He also covers some how-to info on worm farming and some alternate business ideas using worms whilst remaining on the underlying environmental theme of the book. 

There are some worm farming tips and tricks that are very interesting including methods of intensive breeding, gathering cocoons and plans for a garden side, flow through bin to help keep lawn and garden neat and tidy while providing ample vermicompost to amend ones garden. 

He includes discussions on worms for gardens, worms for greenhouses, worms for farms, waste reduction, and taxonomy as well as numerous other interesting topics. Mr. Murphy managed to squeeze about 400 pages of information into around 250 pages. 

There are numerous appendices at the end of the book with a lot of additional information and points of interest. 

This isn’t a “Worms Eat My Garbage” type book solely on how to compost or how to grow worms. This book portrays a long term vision for our planet and offers ways for entrepreneurial spirits to profit while promoting that vision. This was certainly an enjoyable read and a different perspective on worms, climate change, organic gardening and farming.